Mr. Sharx (previously known as SharxShakudo) is a Squadinate Major in the Fear League Squad. As an admin, he is a no nonsense peacekeeper that will humiliate spammers before banning them. He never left the server since joining it.

He joined the Fear League Squad during the April 2017 Expansion, three days prior to the Meme War. Sharx served in that war, providing quality dank memes, and was promoted to Meme Master because of this. On May 9, 2018, Sharx was finally promoted to Squadinate Major to help serve in FLSQ War II. Sharx is an honorary and loyal member of the FLSQ and will protect it no matter the cost.


  • Sharx and datrompboi have the most roles in the server (Senior Major, Squadinate Major, Meme Master, YTPer, Bot Admin, Debater, Squazo)
  • Sharx has a Wikia account, User:Sharx Shakudo.


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Stuff 2 kn0w @B0ut @Mr. Sharx

  • Starting Out On Discord
    • @datrompboi told him his youtube channel would grow if he joined the server, when his old channel was transitioning into a ytp channel.
    • Joined April 26th, 2017
    • One of the original meme masters, a rank created 4 days after he joined
    • One of the original youtube poopers
  • War Veteran
    • Served in the Meme Wars
    • Served in FLSQ War ll
    • Fought in the Rekt Battle Royale
    • Served in FLSQ War lll
    • Served in FLSQ War lV
  • Role
    • Due to his will to fight for the server and his effective strikes during FLSQ War II, @Chris6d promoted him to Squadinate Major
    • Became a meme master when it was created April 30th, 2017. This was a day after the meme war.
    • An active debater in the politics channel who is tolerant of everything except intolerance
  • YouTube
    • Mr. Sharx
      • Started making videos on July 20th, 2018, but opened the channel on February 27th, 2018.
      • Commentary Channel
      • Currently inactive since September 2019
      • Is considering a move to politics (neutral)
    • Kik Dik
      • His first channel which he opened on August 12th, 2015
      • From mini movies to ytps, all of these videos suck, hence the transition and channel swap.
    • Sharx Shakudo
      • Shitpost channel
      • Is the channel he posts his youtube poops in
  • Other Facts
    • Went to educational facility with @Chris6d, @datrompboi, @Burgermeister, @Kel, @Raptor, and @Sova
    • Called out in EpicEric26's first tweet that sent shockwaves throughout the FLSQ. Which led to FLSQ War II.
      • "SharxShakudo and Pacboy Poops (@datrompboi) sittin' in a tree, FUCKING!"
    • Profile Pictures
      • Pinhead Patrick
      • Muppet Muammar Gaddafi
      • Shigeru Miyamoto playing Wii Music
      • John Basso smoking
      • His Main Youtube Avatar
      • Phylange
      • "OH MY GOD" guy
      • Bus Derby Avatar
      • Don Lino (current)
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