Welcome to the FEAR LEAGUE SQUAD, Squadinate. Your first order of business: Join the server by clicking "Connect" in the box below. It's 100% free. Your next task: encourage everyone else you know to join. Third: explore this wiki, read up about the server's history, and check out the awesomeness that this server has to offer. Your help is appreciated.

The Fear League Squad server was founded on September 20, 2016 by Chris6d, with the intent of creating an epic Discord server that he and others can collaborate with, send memes, chat, and more. Chris6d decided that the current public Discord servers that have hundreds or even thousands of users were not fit for him. He decided to set out and make his own server which is much smaller than those servers, but still much more epic. And so, the Fear League Squad was born. And it's still growing.

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