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Founded on September 20, 2016
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"Join like the best, or die like the rest."
―FLSQ official motto

The Fear League Squad, abbreviated to FLSQ, is a Discord server created by Chris6d on September 20, 2016. It has been regarded as one of the most epic Discord servers, and has been growing ever since its creation. It is also the main focal point of this wiki. The invite is here, so join.


The Fear League Squad is a server where users can basically do whatever they want, provided they follow the #rules. There are channels for chatting, memes, discussions, bot commands, and more. There are several voice channels for general talking, roasting, video games, and music. An elite channel exists, but is only open to Squadinate Majors.


Pre-Flattening Era (2016–2019)


Chris6d joined Discord in July 2016 and was in several servers, but felt it was lacking. He decided to gather some users and create his own server, the Fear League Squad, on September 20 of that year. The server went from 1 to 15 people in that day alone.


The server experienced growth since then, slowly expanding to 25 users. Obviously, other Discord servers have hundreds and even thousands of members, but to Chris6d, 25 was a lot, as this is what he was used to. Three roles were created: Ultimate Leader, which is what Chris6d is; Squadinate Major, which is basically moderator/admin, and Squadinate, which is standard status. Over time, Squadinates could work their way up and be promoted to Squadinate Major by Chris6d. The server's first Squadinate Majors were @DjJunkrat and @Kel, the latter of which was demoted in November 2016.


On December 23, 2016, the FLSQ War I occurred. This was the first and most damaging war in FLSQ history. On this day, user @Mr. Hammond was invited to the FLSQ using Tatsumaki's random call feature. Unfortunately, Mr. Hammond proved to be an enemy and sent the link to various vandals and spammers, who invaded the wiki and spammed anime pr0n (porn) in multiple channels. This day, the server was bombarded with attacks and the Squadinate Majors and Chris6d worked hard to revert the vandalism and ban all users responsible.

The attackers also kept calling the FLSQ nonstop, using Tatsumaki's call feature. On December 26, Tatsumaki was removed from the server, thus eliminating possible calls. Calls were also banned from the server for 2 weeks after that. As well, all instant invites were revoked, but even after this, some attacks still occurred. By December 27, all attacks died down and by January 1, the war was over and Tatsumaki was restored. The FLSQ won successfully.

April 2017 Expansion

On April 29, 2017, new members started coming to the server at an expanded rate. The server all of a sudden went from 44 users to 51 users in one weekend. The server successfully passed 50 users, a milestone that was long awaited. As a result of 50 users, @salt was promoted to Squadinate Major, raising the Squadinate Major count to six. He left the server a few weeks later, resulting in the position going to @Marshadowy.

Meme War I

The Meme War I was a temporary war that occurred on April 29, 2017. It involved several users battling it out over who had the best memes, resulting in a barrage of memes in the #memes channel, which is good. In the end, @Windows 10 had the best memes, and won the war. After the war, @Windows 10 was declared the winner, the true Meme Master, officially taking the title from @stew, who retired his meme-ing a few months prior. A few months later, both Windows 10 and stew left the server, sadly.

June 2017 Expansion

Between May and June, the number of users went from 55 up to 71, then down to 66 by June. In mid-June, the server saw another expansion, and the number of users spiked to 89. On June 21, 2017, one day after the Rekt Wars began, the FLSQ hit 90 members, and by the following week, there were 93 members, which was the record amount of the users for the server, a record which lasted until May 28, 2018. However, the server rapidly declined down to 63 users and was in a hole for a while. Eventually, the server came back, and hit 100+ users (see May 2018 Expansion below).

Rekt Wars

The Rekt Wars began on June 20, 2017, when a user using Tatsumaki's t!daily feature was told that their credits have not been refreshed yet, and a user replied, saying they got "rekt". This started the tradition of saying "rekt" or "shrekt" to a user when they attempt to fill their daily credits (t!daily) but are denied. Any time a user fails to refresh their credits and another user replies with "rekt" or "shrekt", the war continues. For this reason, the Rekt Wars are the only war in FLSQ history to surpass 1 day, and the only war to be continuing to this day. Note that the Rekt Wars is one war, but is written as "Wars", not "War".

Dead Period

From July 2017 until May 2018, the server experienced a severe decline, with very little activity and many users leaving. The server went from 93 members in June 2017 to 65 members in May 2018. However, during and following FLSQ War II, the server experienced a boost again.


FLSQ War II occurred from May 9-13, 2018. The first battle involved user @EpicEric26, who somehow found his way into the server and began harassing and threatening other users in the server and the server itself, telling them that he will make their lives "living hell" and that he had come for "vengeance", and that if he was banned, he would burn the server to the ground. Eric was immediately kicked by @datrompboi, but returned about 30 minutes later. This happened to be the second and primary battle in the war. Eric claimed that he was there to exact revenge on @SharxShakudo, @Thewikiawriter12 and @datrompboi for an incident that occurred on Wikia, but his claims were false as he never operated a Wikia account, and Sharx never had a Wikia account. A documentary about this battle is on Chris6d's channel, so go check it out if you want.

The second battle occurred on May 13, 2018, when another user, @Gregory Poopsicle joined the server and initially seemed innocent, however later revealed that he was on the server for the sole purpose of causing fear and terror, just like EpicEric26. Gregory claimed he was not EpicEric26, but an ally of his, but it is unknown if this is true. This battle was the final battle of the war, but caused the "Age of Anxiety" in which the admins of the server were overtaken in so much paranoia and suspicion from Gregory that they feared they could not trust each each other, and almost did turn on each other, but when the Age of Anxiety ended, the admins made a pact saying they must always work together as a team and trust each other no matter what. More about this can be found on the war's article.

May 2018 Expansion & Meme War II

Following FLSQ War II, the economic boom hit the server hard. New members started pouring in at a rapid rate, and the server went from 73 members during the war, to 104 members by May 29. On May 27, the server officially passed its previous record amount of users, which was 93. During this expansion, the server's emojis were revamped and updated, and the Meme War II began, lasting from May 27-29.

Rayman Era

From June 2018 to September 2019, the server was mostly peaceful. @RaymanLover joined the server in July 2018 as @StreetFighterFan9000. Over the course of this period, he was frequently banned and unbanned for minor violations including spam and constant calls/pings. He was viewed as nuisance at the time, but after he was finally banned in August 2019 for being underage, his absence is felt in the server, and he is severely missed.

Also during this period, user @NerdyTV&MovieFanatic (CoolNerd), better known as Nerdy, joined the server. At first he was alright, but he soon filled the server with cancerous cartoon and anime nonsense, and eventually became hostile towards the staff, repeatedly threatening them with insults. He was eventually banned in early 2019, but unlike Rayman, his presence is not missed. The Nerdy Saga is often viewed as a minor theater of the Rayman Saga or Rayman Era.

Generally, this era is seen in a positive light. In September 2018, the server reached 200 members, and in March 2019, the server reached 300 members. The Rekt Wars ended on May 2, 2019, and the server was thriving. However, Thewikiawriter12, a veteran server member, left the server on May 3, 2019, which was negative. By September 1, 2019, a few days before FLSQ War III, the server had reached 375 members, a new high.


On the night of September 5, 2019, Squadinate Major @Raptor trolled the server, by using NotSoBot to change the nicknames of every user in the server to poop-related nicknames, thus severely damaging the server. It took fellow Squadinate Majors @Adar and @TheGodlyMemer66 an hour to clean up, but Raptor was not banned. Two nights later, Raptor vandalized the server again, this time to a much larger extent. He created over 100 spam roles, over 50 blank channels named "poop", changed the server's icon, name and region, changed everyone's nickname again, and banned random users. This was by far the most destructive act in FLSQ history up until that point. Following this, chaos broke out in the server, with many users turning on each other, which included staff members. However, the conflict ended a few hours later, and the server returned to normal.

The Flattening (2019)

By far the most devastating event to ever occur in the server was The Flattening. On October 19, 2019, admins Raptor and Sova severely devastated the server, worse than they did in FLSQ War III, by kicking over 350 users out of the server, reducing the server's member count to a mere 35 people. It took the FLSQ staff multiple days to fix the damage, and 264 days for the server to make up for the amount of lost users.

Post-Flattening Era (2019–Present)

Reconstruction Period

The Reconstruction Period largely refers to the period from October 2019 to May 2020, although it would take much longer to completely move on.

Following The Flattening, numerous server invites were sent out, including to many who were randomly kicked by Sova, and most did return. Within the next two days, the server went from 35 people to 150 people. The server was forced to start again, with The Flattening commonly being viewed as a "rebirth" for the FLSQ. Prior to The Flattening, the server was largely inactive, with many of the 385 users consisting of dead or inactive accounts who merely inflated the member count. In the Post-Flattening Era, the server consists of more, y'know, 'alive' users, and thus is more active.

Demotion of Adar & FLSQ War 4

On May 27, 2020, the Squadinate Majors agreed to demote @Adar, another fellow Squadinate Major, for repeated offenses and rule breakages. Out of fear of retaliation, the Majors were told to monitor Adar and his multiple alt accounts which the Majors already knew of. Adar seemed to be fine until the evening of June 7, 2020, when FLSQ War 4 occurred.

During FLSQ War 4, Adar claimed user @StarPaladinX was one of his alts (which she clearly was not), resulting in division among the staff members. @R32, who was promoted to Squadinate Major to replace Adar, sided with Adar and believed that StarPaladinX was, indeed, an alt. However, Chris6d and Mr. Sharx knew otherwise, and defended StarPaladinX while R32 and datrompboi repeatedly cyberbullied and threatened her. R32 was eventually demoted and banned by Sharx, but the political divide in the FLSQ was apparent. Adar was also finally banned by Chris6d for repeatedly and intentionally stirring shit, and causing division in the server. datrompboi, a veteran member, left the server because he believed Sharx was too power-hungry and ambitious. However, after talks, Chris6d got him to join back again. On the other hand, Sharx believed datrompboi essentially betrayed the server. His points against datrompboi were that he sided with R32 against Paladin, demanded his demotion, and deserted the server in solidarity with R32 when he got banned. Thankfully, everything was settled the next day.

Summer 2020 Expansion & Interwar Period

Immediately after FLSQ War 4, datrompboi set out to make the server great again by inviting a bunch of users from the transit community into the server, boosting the activity in the #transit channel, and even leading to the creation of a new role, Passenger. In two days, over thirty people joined the server, with 18 people joining on June 8 alone, a record. Similarly, 71 users were online at one time, setting a new record.

On July 9, 2020, 264 days after The Flattening, the server finally reached its former member count of 385. The previous record was not only matched, but it was eclipsed. Raptor and Sova's impact on the server was finally erased, but not forgotten. The next day, on July 10, the server reached 400 members, a record milestone.

The Great Betrayal & The Burgerreformations

The Great Betrayal, which occurred on June 20, 2020, was a major event in the FLSQ which saw the betrayal of datrompboi, a veteran admin of the server for almost four years. However, he showed his true colors during this event, and was banned from the server, never to be spoken of again. The Burgerreformations were a multiple-phase plan designed by Burgermeister and the rest of the stadd to reform the server following The Great Betrayal. This involved adding numerous server events and other interactive aspects, including a Question of the Week, monthly server Tournament, and a Casino including games, purchasable items which offer server perks, and a full server currency, FLSQ Points.

On January 10, 2021, the server hit 600 members.


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The Fear League Squad has nine text channels (one is an admin-only log channel) and five voice channels.

Text Channels

Voice channels

In June 2017, digits were added before the names of the voice channels to represent radio frequencies, as a radio station in the United States would.


Every member of the FLSQ has a role, that is, a rank. The ranks are: Squadinate, Squadinate Major, Meme Master, Sped Bots, and Ultimate Leader. Click on a rank below to find out more about it, as well as users with that rank.

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