DedSecNY#1395, also known as CallOfDedSec, is a Squadinate Major in the Fear League Squad. He joined in 2019; however, he believes he joined earlier than that, and so his true join date is unknown.


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  • DedSecNY, AKA CallOfDedSec, is a member of the Fear League Squad on DISCORD. He has befriended Chris6d, Mr. Sharx, and many others. He, along with mo05hy, organized the 2020 Meme Olympics, which has unfortunately been suspended indefinitely. On the FLSQ wikia, his page can be located here.


  • His first name is Logan. His last name is unknown. He lives on Long Island, NY. His specific location is unknown. His current age is unknown. What he looks like is unknown.
  • His fellow Squadinates call him by his nickname on the DISCORD server, "CallOfDedSec", as he calls them by theirs.
  • His opinions on many things are controversial, to say the least, but he does not seek to fight with his fellow squadinates.
  • He has an immense love for the original Watch_Dogs game, and showers praise upon it whenever it is mentioned or relevant.
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