datrompboi (also known as rjp55, Pacboy and formerly thetrumpboy) is a former member and Squadinate Major in the Fear League Squad. He was one of the first members to join the server, and became Squadinate Major soon after the server was formed. He was the first Squadinate Major, along with @garlic_penguin and @DavidDJC3, both of which have since been demoted or left the server. datrompboi has served in every war in FLSQ history, having a prominent impact in both FLSQ War I and II.

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On June 20, 2020 he fell from grace when he went on a two hour rampage that took place in two channels. The next morning, his prestigious role of Senior Major was stripped from him. Later that same day, at 12:47 PM EST, he left the server for good. He was banned by Burgermeister three minutes later.

Despite being such an iconic member of the Fear League Squad, his departure was celebrated. His positive contributions to the server are now overshadowed by The Great Betrayal.


  • datrompboi is also administrator on several servers, including the Sped Society and Kancerous Klub 3.0.
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