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Chris6d is the founder of the Fear League Squad, and this wiki. He is the only member of the FLSQ to bear the Ultimate Leader rank, as he is the founder and leader of the server. He also has the Meme Master rank.


Chris6d joined Discord in July 2016 and created the server nearly two months later, on September 20. He is currently active on the FLSQ and this wiki, and recommends that everyone join the FLSQ if possible. Chris6d also welcomes new users into the server and regularly tests new features for the server, notably bot features. He has also helped the server recover and fight through some of its darkest times, such as the FLSQ War I. Chris6d is also the one to promote and demote users, if necessary. If anyone has questions regarding the server, they ask him and he delivers.


  • As mentioned, Chris6d is the creator of the Fear League Squad, and this wiki.
  • Chris6d lives in Brooklyn, New York, so his time zone is Eastern.
  • Chris6d is one of three users to have more than one rank, the others being SharxShakudo and datrompboi.
  • According to national polls, he is the best man ever.
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