Squadinate Major
Squadinate Majors.png
Position (1-5) 2
Members 8
Created September 20, 2016
Color Lime Green
For Fear League Squad

Squadinate Major is the second-to-highest rank in the Fear League Squad, behind Ultimate Leader.


Squadinate Majors are equivalent to moderators or low-power admins. They can kick and ban users, give out ranks, and rename channels. They have more power than the other ranks, but not as much as Ultimate Leader.


There are currently eight Squadinate Majors: Mr. Sharx, Thewikiawriter12, Kirby20056, Mantiix, Burgermeister, CallOfDedSec, LadynGunderfan, and mo05hy.

Former Squadinate Majors include datrompboi, Raptor, Sova, Kel, DavidDJC3, Garlic penguin, Adar, R32, TheGodlyMemer66 and Marshadowy.


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