Meme Master
Meme Masters.png
Position (1-5) 3
Members 10
Created April 2017
Color Purple
For Fear League Squad

Meme Master is a rank in the Fear League Squad. It was created during the April 2017 Expansion. Members with this rank represent extraordinary meme skills, and are worthy of recognition for their dank memes. The rank is usually still retained even after the user no longer posts memes as they once did. Its color is purple.


There are 10 members with this rank: datrompboi (who also has the rank Squadinate Major), Skully, SharxShakudo (who also has the rank Squadinate Major), mo05hy, Bugamashoo, Burgermeister (who also has the rank Squadinate Major) OOF, crabo, Geo, and Chris6d (who also has the rank Ultimate Leader).


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